Learning to play piano at 8 years old, Bambi Wolf became addicted to music the first time her fingers touched the keys. With only a year of lessons under her belt, and with family finances lacking, her mom had to discontinue her lessons. But she continued to play in spite of her lack of knowledge & continuance of formal training - playing for the pure pleasure and emotional release of it all. At 11 years old, she taught herself to play guitar, and it was at this time she wrote her first song. From that point on, it was pure desire ... drive ... pleasure ... satisfaction ... for her to write, play, & perform. During her teens, she taught herself to play Classical piano and also started writing her own piano compositions. Many friends would gather around, on top, and under the grands as she'd play her heart out - all finding solace, comfort, healing, and respite from the stressors of daily living. At 18, she studied Piano Performance under the instruction of Dr. Rita Angel at the University of New Mexico’s School of Music.

2005 brought her - while a member of the duo, Charmed - a nomination for Best Instrumental Performance from the New Mexico Music Awards (NMMA) for her composition, “Innbydelsen.” In 2009, still in partnership with Charmed, she gained recognition once again from the NMMA with a nomination for Best Vocal on her piece “Til The End,” as well as awards for two of her instrumental compositions: Best Arrangement of an Original Composition for “Things Aren’t Always What They Seem,” and Best New Age Composition for “Last Words.”

After 9 years of performing in Charmed, Ms. Wolf made the difficult decision to quit the duo in 2010, and set out on a solo trek hoping to up her ante in musicality & performance. In 2011, she decided to take all the reigns into her hands and set up her own recording studio (Crystalline Clear Studio) so that she could not only compose, write, and arrange her pieces - playing & singing all parts - but also record, mix, and produce her music. 2013 marked another milestone for Ms. Wolf with the completion & release of her début solo CD, Crystal Clear. She held a highly successful CD Release on November 3, 2013. And 2014 brought her 5 nominations, as well as 1 award for her song “Freedom” in the Adult Contemporary category once again from the NMMA on this “kindergarten” effort, and was invited to perform at the 2014 Awards Banquet.

February 12, 2015, she released her second solo effort, Broken. This CD is themed on the complications of humanity - including our struggle with communications between one another, the heartbreak we cause each other, our desires unfulfilled, the brokenness we each suffer, along with a nudge towards forgiveness, compassion, & non-judgmentalism, as well as a special message to NIH (National Institutes of Health) in regards to their misappropriation of funds to researchers, and a shout out that we need to send more of our tax payer dollars to "true explorers," instead of to those researchers who just want to "pad" their labs for research that is already being done - just pecking away at the surface, staying in the safe no-fail zone, not venturing out to take risks, to find much needed cures for humanity. NMMA 2015 once again honored Ms. Wolf with a nomination for Best Electronica for her piece “Intersections."

Bambi Wolf is a multi-instrumentalist playing piano, guitar, cello, & bass; a vocalist; a songwriter; a composer & arranger; a recording engineer; and, a sound sculptor. She performs solo, as well as in her duo (the Bambi Wolf Duo - with Norm Toy on electric upright bass), and in her full band (Bambi & the Wolves) comprised of a variety of members, depending on their availability for gigs & studio sessions. The “Wolves Roster” consists of: Norm Toy - electric upright bass; Benjamin Jackson - percussion; Harlow Pinson - electric violin; Claire Nelson Gentry - accordion; Eric Owens - electric, electric upright, & fretless basses; Michael Shu - acoustic violin; Leah Burkhardt - backing vocals & guitar; Bonnie Schmader - flutes (soprano, alto & bass); Janapriya Levine - electric & classical guitars; and Cyrus Morris on full drum kit.

Ms. Wolf has been teaching private piano & guitar for the past 25 years, and has also held songwriting workshops by request.

She is currently working on her third solo CD.

Stay Tooned!